Food Chain: There’s Always a Bigger Fish

It’s a fish-eat-fish world…

Since forever, that darn Hammerhead Shark has been king of the ocean, gobbling up every other fish with ease. But no more! Gobbler, the little pink tuna, is tired of being the prey! He may be small now, but with his plucky determination and odd metabolism, he’s going to eat up the competition and get bigger till he reaches the top of the food chain!

The rules of the ocean are simple: run into smaller fish to eat them up and get bigger, and avoid the bigger fish to avoid getting pulverized and sent to fish-heaven. The bigger you get, the more fish you can eat, until the only thing that can threaten you is the Shark. But get big enough, and you can even make this apex predator your prey! Then you’ll start over to do it all again, till poor Gobbler finally joins that big blue ocean in the sky for good. But hey, if you’re lucky, you’ll at least have gotten a high score and had your moment as king of the sea!


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