The Basilisk’s Maze

Can you escape the Basilisk’s lair, or will he eat you up?


He’s the thing of nightmares to all creatures of the Fairy Lands: the Basilisk, a colossal beast with a paralyzing gaze and jaws big enough to gobble up a dragon whole! He makes his home deep inside a maze of ancient catacombs, hoarding wealth stolen from his scores of unfortunate victims. Many foolhardy adventurers have ventured into this lair, hoping to take a small piece of his riches for themselves, but few ever come back to tell the tale. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

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Food Chain: There’s Always a Bigger Fish

Dragon King Studios’ debut game! They say there’s always a bigger fish. Will that fish be you? Find out in this challenging, fast-paced arcade… eat-em-up, I guess?

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