Alex Macaulay 

Email: alex@dragonkingstudios.com

Oh. Uh… hi. I guess I need to actually say something about myself. Otherwise, there really isn’t a point in having an “About” page, is there? Er… I make games! Okay, you’ve probably already gathered that. Hmm… oh! I know! I’ll tell you how I started making games! Alright, here we go…

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved creating characters and telling stories. I also loved video games, and sometimes I’d daydream about what I’d do if I could one myself. That is, until a little game called Cave Story showed me that this could be more than just a daydream, that even if you were just one guy with a computer and some dedication, you could make a whole game all by yourself! Which I understand isn’t exactly news today, but when I was a kid, the whole indie gaming thing hadn’t blown up yet, so it seemed like a revelation to me. So, anyway, I decided I was going to be a game maker.

Starting off, I got some programming books and learned to program. The first “game” I made was a simple choose-your-own-adventure text game. After that, I made Pong. Then I tackled something a bit more ambitious, a short, three-level platformer game starring Wamtu, that dragon in the logo (only he’s a kid in this one). It was the first game I made that I felt really proud of, that I could look at and go, “Dang! I’m making video games now!” (I should probably make a blog post about it sometime). Finally, about eight-ish years after I began learning the ropes of game-making, I made a little phone game called Food Chain which I felt was good enough to release into the wild. That was around the time I started up this website, so I could start sharing these little projects of mine with the world.

As of right now, I’m working on what will be my second release: an arcade game about escaping a monster’s lair. It’s called The Basilisk’s Maze; you can read about the latest updates on it over in my blog, or you can go play a prototype version right now if you’d like! Once I’m finished with that, who knows? I’ve got no shortage of ideas, that’s for sure. Whatever it is, if I know my tastes, it’ll probably have some colorful characters, a bit of goofy humor, and an adventurous story to tell, because those are the kind of games I like best. Probably won’t have that deep a story, though, because whenever I get too involved with the plot, I come up with a lot of character-driven drama that really doesn’t work in a video game, and then I want to make it into a book instead. Oh, that’s right, I’m also trying to be an author. I forgot to mention that earlier. But that’s a story for another About page.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m done talking about myself. So, what now? You want to go look at my blog? Check out my games (all… two of them)? Or… are you done? In that case, then, see you around! Hope you pop in again sometime!

Here's me and my mascot, Wamtu the Dragon King. I'm the guy who's not a dragon.
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