Dragon King Studios on!

Dragon King Studios’ entire catalog of games is now up on! All… two of them.

First up is Food Chain: There’s Always a Bigger Fish, Dragon King Studios’ debut game, originally released for Android through Google Play.

The version on is for Windows PCs, and like the Android game, it’s free! Though, y’know, you could donate a couple bucks if you want…

Then we have The Basilisk’s Maze, which even has a brand-new trailer to go with this announcement!

There are actually three versions of Basilisk’s Maze on, each for a different platform. First off is the browser game, the same as the one on this site. Then there’s a Windows PC standalone version, which is playable in full screen and doesn’t have the arrow button controls cluttering your view, since you don’t need them (it’s the version I filmed the trailers with). Finally, there’s an Android version you can install on a compatible phone or tablet; it’s the version I originally envisioned the game as. And, like Food Chain, they’re all free (well, for now, at least), but you can leave a little tip, if you want.

And that’s it. Like I said, only two games. Oh, unless you count that one game I made for Extra Credit‘s game jam, a shooter styled after arcade “light gun” games and using 2D characters in a 3D environment. It was kinda neat. I might do a full game like that someday.

So anyway, yeah, I’m liking so far. I’ll probably be making liberal use of it from now on. Heck, I might just host the Basilisk browser game on their site in the future, since it’s easier to update over there than it is here. I’ll probably also use their development blog feature, which means… uh, I’m going to have to figure out something else to do with this site so it’s not completely redundant. Well, I guess that’s just yet another challenge I’ll have to tackle somewhere down the road. Oh! I know! I could start doing those game design essays I’d been thinking of doing for a while. Yeah, that’d be good…