Development Update

The Basilisk’s Maze – Alpha 4.2: The Results Update

Time for another update to The Basilisk’s Maze! This one shouldn’t take too long to go over. It’s just another menus update, this time focused on results screens that appear after winning or losing. If you’d rather just see it all for yourself, head on over to Play The Basilisk’s Maze and win and lose a few games! Otherwise, keep reading for a quick lowdown on what’s been added.

First off, you’ll notice that the old Dragon King Studios logo no longer appears on the opening splash screen. Instead, after the Unity logo, you’ll see the new animated Dragon King Studios logo, complete with sound effects!

By the way, when you check out the game, try clicking the screen during the logo to skip it. Something funny happens.

Anyway, after that, there are the results screens, the main addition to the game this time around. When you lose, after the jaws close over the camera, the scene fades into the Basilisk sitting in the dark, watching you smugly, before burping out the lantern that belonged to your hapless adventurer (this also replaces the “You Got Eaten!” message that I had in the last version).

You smug jerk!

However, if you win, it instead fades into a scene just outside of the Basilisk’s catacombs, showing the Basilisk glaring furiously through a tunnel much too small for him as your adventurer stands off to the side, panting with relief.

Phew! That was close!

For both of these screens, the game shows you what settings you played on, as well as how long the game lasted and how many steps you took during it (and how much treasure you earned, once treasure gets added to the game). From here, you can choose to “Play Again,” which immediately generates a new maze with the same settings, or “Change Settings,” which sends you back to the main menu (there’s also a “Shop” button, but it doesn’t do anything yet because there’s, well, no shop).

After the results screens, there are a couple of minor changes. I replaced the sprite for the key, changing it from the strangely ornate key to a plainer key that matches the plain door it goes to. I made the old sprite when I thought the exit was going to be something fancier than a wooden door with a metal padlock. I may still use the old, fancy key in the future, though; there may be some secret doors hiding mysteries in later updates!

Old hotness
New and busted

Finally, I’ve added an experimental touch control scheme to the game. Touching on the sides, above, or below the player will make them try to move in that direction. It would need a few more tweaks if it ends up in the final game (for example, it shouldn’t trigger if you select the pause button, like it does now), but I want to see if this would be a good alternative to, or even replacement for, the on-screen buttons (it would be nice to open up the screen a little more). Obviously, this is more geared toward a mobile version than the browser version on this site, but it works with the mouse as well, so you can still try it out. Besides, I’m going to be looking for ways to distribute the mobile Alphas soon (but that’s a blog post for another time).

Anyway, that’s about everything new for today. I’m finally done with all this menu stuff that’s taken up the last three updates (well, there is one more menu that needs to be added, but I’m doing that one later). It hasn’t been as interesting as doing the gameplay itself, but it had to get done at some point, and the end result is that every part of the game now looks really nice and most of the game’s “skeleton” has been put in place. All that really remains is to fill in the blanks. So, now that this is all done, what’s next? Well, the main thing that still needs to be done is that the core gameplay could use some fleshing out. As it stands now, running from Basilisk can be fun the first few times you play, but once you figure out how to evade him smartly, you’ve defeated the only challenge in the game and it becomes dull really quick. To keep things interesting, I’ll need to add a few more things that the player will need to divide their attention between.

Well, that’s all for now. See you in the next update post! In the meantime, how about you go check out the game and see all these results screen in all their glory? You really should at least let your elf get eaten and watch the losing screen; I gave Basilisk three special animations he’ll do if you wait there, including one I particularly like where he picks his teeth. I promise, I checked to make sure this one worked from the get-go. Oh, did you not know about that? Uh, never mind, then…