Hello New Logo, Goodbye Old!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally got around to updating the Dragon King Studios logo! Check it out! It’s even animated!

As you can see, it’s already the new face of the site and my social media. It’s not in a game yet, but come the next version of The Basilisk’s Maze, that’ll change! I imagine this logo will be appearing in front of my games for a good long while. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I mean, look at how he pushes his little crown into place! It’s adorable!

Of course, this means that it’s time for my old logo to finally be retired. I say “finally” because, even though it was only my public logo for a few months, according to the dates on the image files, I first drew it up in 2012! So, yeah, I was long overdue for an update. My art skills have improved a lot in six years. Still, the old logo will have an important place in Dragon King Studios’ history; it’ll still be the first thing you see when you boot up my earliest games. Let’s take a moment to remember all the good times we (well, mostly I) had with Old Dragon King Studios Logo…

Old Logo’s Obituary

My original logo was the last of four I went through while working on my first major project, Little Dragon: First Taste (which you can read a bit about here), though it was the first logo to use the Dragon King Studios name and that particular arrangement of Wamtu popping out of a gold ring with the studio’s name below him (which I’m pretty sure I subconsciously ripped off from Sonic the Hedgehog’s title screen, except the wings on the side belong to the character rather than the background). Before that, all my logos had been profile shots of Wamtu standing and smiling at the viewer with the name “Wyvernware Studios” below him (I thought wyvern was a synonym for dragon at the time. It’s not. They’re slightly different). After First Taste, it went on to preface a handful of unfinished prototypes before finally ending up as the first item in the attract mode for my commercial debut, Food Chain: There’s Always a Bigger Fish. It was also presented as the official logo of Dragon King Studios for the first few months of its public existence, appearing on this site’s header and in the profile pictures for my social media. It was also present on the splash screen for the prototype versions of The Basilisk’s Maze which appeared on this site, though its last appearance in this fashion will be Alpha 4.1 (the current at time of writing). Old logo is survived by New Logo, which looks similar, but it’s drawn a lot nicer and it’s animated.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to show you today. Let’s watch that logo animation one more time, okay? Man, look at his little grin…

Uh, anyway, until next time, have a nice day! And do something cool with it!