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Wamtu says hi!

Alright, I have a WEBSITE now!

Oh, uh, sorry. I’ve never had a website before. Just got excited.

Anyway! Ahem…

Who are you?

Ah, right! Hi, I’m Alex Macaulay. I’m an indie game developer. I released my first game a little over a month ago, and I’m working on another one right now (more on that in a bit). I became a game developer as an outlet for my imagination and… well, because I like video games. Since I’m a storyteller, my games will have an emphasis on story, characters, and personality. If you want to know more about how I started out, I wrote a whole “About” page just for that purpose.

Anyway, what am I going to use this website for? Well, its primary purpose will be to showcase my games and keep a developer’s blog. However, I’d also like to talk about other stuff related to gaming, particularly my thoughts on game design principals and just stuff in games that I like. Some time in the future, I may also create a sister site devoted to my other creative passion: writing. That’s right; I want to be a game developer and an author. I’m a little ambitious, yeah. We’ll see how it goes.

What’s Going On Now?

Well, first things first… the big news is my first major game, The Basilisk’s Maze! It’s a fantasy arcade maze game with a giant monster in it. You can see my first trailer for it below:

Oh, and the cool part about this (well, I think it’s cool, at least) is that you can play it right now! Sort of. I mean, it’s not finished yet, but you can play my current prototype, Alpha 3.2. I was originally just going to build it up as a mobile game and talk about it in my blog until I released it, but you know, I figured y’all would… sorry, I’m from Texas… you all would be more interested in (and have more fun with) keeping up with my blog if there was an interactive element to it. After all, I’m some random guy on the internet. Why should you care about what I do unless I show you?

Right now, the game’s a bit bare-bones, but I’ll be adding on new features until it feels like a more complete experience. I’ll be posting updates here as I work on it and update the prototype whenever I’ve made any significant additions, so be sure to check back every once and a while to see what cool things I’ve added.

Oh, and as long as I’m talking about the state of my games now, I should probably mention my first released game! Remember how I kinda mentioned it as an aside in the first section? No? Oh. Well, anyway, it’s a little game on Google Play called Food Chain: There’s Always a Bigger Fish (I added that subtitle so you could find it in a search. Turns out, “Food Chain” is not the most original name). Funny story, I started developing this game because I was bored and hadn’t done any game development in a while. I thought it’d come out pretty lame, but no, it’s actually pretty good! It’s kind of like a “bullet hell” game, except you don’t shoot back at anything. And you run into bullets that are smaller than you to win. Anyway, here’s the trailer:

So, if that looks fun, you could go give it a shot. Or not. I don’t mind. I made it mostly as practice for releasing a game on mobile. I can’t really make any money off it anyway, so it’s not like I’m hurt financially if it goes unplayed. It’d still be cool to know people played it, though.

So What’s Next?

Well, for starters, I’ll post an update any time the playable prototype gets an update, so there’s that. Also, as you check out the current alpha, you may notice that it’s “Alpha 3.2.” There were alphas before that, but I’m really the only one who played them. I’m thinking I’ll do a short series of posts recapping my development so far and showing off Alphas 0.5-3.1 (including the days when “Basilisk” was a blue triangle).

Aside from development updates, I have an idea what my first “game design essay” topic could be. Recently, I’ve been playing some games that got me thinking about when punishing players with lost progress is a good idea, and I was thinking of taking a look at some good and bad examples of that in action. I’ll probably write that up when I need a break from other things.

Alright, that’s all for now! Did you make it to the end? Ah, good! Hope to see you again next time! Not sure if it’ll be a new update, an old update, or an essay, but I promise to make it interesting, whatever it is! In the meantime, have a nice day! Oh, and if you happened to be bored later, how about you check out Basilisk’s Maze or Food Chain?

Oh, and be sure to follow Dragon King Studios on social media or RSS so you don’t miss my next post, whatever it turns out to be!

Here ya go!